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What is a Body Polish and Why Use It?

What is a Body Polish?  

A body polish is a skin care product for men and women that when applied to wet skin, primarily removes dead skin cells and cleanses the skin. When applied in circular motion, massaging your limbs and trunk; the body scrub can increase the body’s circulation and improve the lymph system.

Benefits of Using a Body Scrub:

Exfoliate! It seems we hear that word everywhere; but WHY? Well, when you exfoliate, you are removing dead skin cells from your body allowing new skin cells to regenerate. Our skin naturally sheds skin cells daily, but it takes about 27-30 days before your new skin cells reach the top layer of your skin. Exfoliating speeds this process up, making your skin look and feel younger and softer sooner. Rejuvenated and fresh! Did I mention look YOUNGER?  

Our body polishes are also excellent to prevent ingrown hairs, post-shaving and waxing.  When fresh, new skin cells are present, they are more receptive in receiving absorption. whimSea Salt Body Scrub and Sugar Body Scrub contain coconut oil and jojoba oil for that optimal absorption that will leave your skin moisturized and looking healthy.  Unfortunately, not all Body Scrubs are good for you or the environment.  Some scrubs contain chemicals or small beads that are used as abrasives in the ingredients and are then washed off down the bathroom drains that end up in our environment. whimSea believes in being eco-conscious, and environmentally friendly.

We use natural, good-for-you ingredients in all our products, which is why we love our scrubs and hope that you do too!

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