A Tale of Two Polishes

A Tale of Two Polishes

Jenna and I have created two moisture rich body scrubs - Sea Salt Body Polish and Sugar Body Polish. We call them body polishes because they exfoliate and moisturize in one step, leaving your skin beautifully buffed and hydrated.  As the names indicate, one polish is made with Dead Sea Salts and the other is made with fine sugar. We originally formulated our scrubs using dead sea salts.  Jenna immediately fell in love with the exfoliation and used it as an all over scrub.  I, on the other hand, found it was a bit too abrasive to use as a body scrub but discovered it was a MIRACLE for my rough, dry, cracked heels.

Living by the beach, barefoot is the norm – but if we must wear shoes it would be flip-flops, slides, sandals or mules and we wear them mostly year-round.  Unfortunately, our feet suffer the consequences of all that footwear freedom and we wind up with dry, rough heels.  I’m not disciplined enough to do the whole Vaseline/sock routine every night which is why I was so thrilled when I discovered just how effective our Sea Salt Body Polish was at smoothing and moisturizing my dry, cracked, unsightly heels. Not to mention, I’m not a big sock fan either so that Vaseline/sock routine would have been intolerable, even if I had the discipline to do it.  It couldn’t be easier or faster to get smooth heels.  I just smear a dollop of the Sea Salt Body Polish on one those foot emery boards I picked up a dollar store and scrubbed my heels and feet for less than a minute each.  With minimal effort, my heels were soft and not cracked. They looked fantastic!!!!  The salt in the scrub was just the right abrasiveness and the coconut and jojoba oils worked their magic and moisturized. This is just what I had been desperately needing and couldn't believe how fast and easy I could achieve enviable soft feet and skin.  

I told Jenna how much I loved the Sea Salt Body Polish for my feet but still wanted an exfoliant for the rest of me. We decided to try making a fine sugar polish. The fine sugar granules combined with the oils were the perfect combination for my sensitive skin. I could exfoliate without the irritation and use the Sea Salt Body Polish for my feet!  Of course, whimSea has to make both Body Polishes; Jenna continues to love the Sea Salt Body Polish for her overall exfoliation routine and is now adding her heels to maintain her sandal-ready feet. I am using the Sugar Body Polish for my overall body exfoliation and the Sea Salt Body Polish for my tootsies.

Whether it’s sea salt or sugar polish or both, we know you will enjoy softer, more hydrated and healthier skin using our products!